The Five Things You Should Read This Week: September 18, 2015

Here's a breakdown of the speech that won the 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking

What does it take to become a world champion public speaker? This article breaks down how Saudi Arabian security engineer Mohammed Qahtani survived seven rounds of competition over a period of six months, beating 33,000 other competitors, to become the Toastmasters International World Champion of Public Speaking.

Oregon's urban-rural legislative divide

In this opinion piece from The Oregonian, Senator Betsy Johnson, candidly discusses the divide between urban and rural legislators. She calls for the need to better understand each group's challenges, focusing on substance, not style.

Sponsor may drop 'right to work' union measure in Oregon after adverse legal ruling

After receiving a politically unpalatable ballot title, the sponsor of a proposed measure that would make union dues voluntary is considering abandoning the proposal. Closely watched by the state's unions, the measure would end the state law requiring public employees represented by union contracts to pay dues regardless of whether they join.

Former State Rep. Jim Thompson eyes comeback as Independent Party candidate

After losing his seat in the Republican primary last year, former state Rep. Jim Thompson announced that he wants to run again for the legislature under the banner of the Independent Party.

The Powerful Effect of Noticing Good Things at Work

Want to change how you feel about work? It could be as simple as writing down three good things that happen every day. In this article, the Harvard Business Review tackles how to switch from focusing solely on negative experiences at work, to creating a positive feedback loop.