Equality for Individuals

Equal Opportunity. Everyone should have a fair chance to pursue their dreams and make the best possible life for themselves and their families. Public education is critical. Government should focus on providing everyone access to both education and other information resources such as libraries and the internet. However, while the playing field must be fair, government is not supposed to make sure everyone finishes with the same score. Government should allow individuals to realize the costs and rewards of their own actions. Government should encourage individual achievement, and not promote social engineering policies that undermine or ignore it.

Equality for the Economy

Fair Competition. Businesses must have an equal chance to compete, and individuals must have an equal chance to participate in the market. Government must promote policies that enforce and promote fair markets. International trade should focus on compelling foreign companies to adhere to the same standards as American companies in order to promote fair competition and protect American businesses.

Equality for the Government

Equal Representation. Representative government only works when elections are fair and all citizens are allowed to participate openly in the process. Representative districts should be chosen by non-elected officials to promote fair and competitive elections and to ensure diversity of opinions. Government should promote access to information and make it easy for people to vote, but should guard against corruption and undue influence by not allowing special interest groups to coerce voters or influence election outcomes.


Freedom for Individuals

Personal Liberty. Individual liberty forms the core of all democratic principles. It is measured by the freedom that people have to make their own decisions, including their own mistakes. Everyone benefits when individuals are allowed the freedom to think, feel, and act on their own. The preservation and enhancement of policies that strengthen and protect individual liberty should therefore be at the heart of every government action.

Freedom for the Economy

Free Markets. There is no more productive or efficient means of benefiting the general populace than the market economy. Government must incentivize investment and encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship. It must also work to support existing job creators, acting always as a partner to, and not an enemy of, the engines of economic prosperity. Wherever possible, free market solutions should be used to solve public problems.

Freedom for the Government

Local Governance. Government action should, wherever possible, be taken first by the government that resides closest to the governed. Some issues must be addressed at a national level, but those issues not affecting the national interest or expressly delegated to the national government should be reserved to state and local governments. Government at all levels must work to avoid duplication of effort and ensure that services are delivered by the most efficient means possible.


Responsibility for Individuals

Personal Responsibility. Each individual is responsible for his or her own life. Government should promote policies that empower individuals to take care of themselves and ensure that one person’s liberties do not impinge on those of another. Government should refrain from social engineering or governing from a perspective that “government knows best.” Institutions of family, faith, volunteerism, and nonprofit community service should be promoted. Government should provide a minimum safety net for those who truly cannot take care of themselves

Responsibility for the Economy

Rule Enforcement. While free market economies are the most efficient systems to create wealth, prosperity and innovation, the government must act to prevent market excesses and regulate market externalities. Reasonable regulation allows the market to function properly while also protecting public health and safety.

Responsibility for the Government

Prudent Spending. Every dollar spent by government is a dollar earned by, and taken from, individual participants in the economy. Government should ask two questions before committing to any public expenditure: 1) Can we afford this? 2) Would it be better to leave this money in the pockets of the people who earned it? Government should balance its budget and avoid debt as much as possible.